Clemence Huyghe 
is a french graphic designer based in Paris and Marseille
+33 6 87 46 29 94

She mainly focuses on designing web interfaces, artistic directions, signages and stage design for cultural institutions, music and cinema businesses, and artists.

She worked with I.COWORKING, workspaces renter in Paris / BOUCHEE DOUBLE, culinary designers based in Bruxelles / STUDIO ELEMENTAIRES, scenography studio based in Bruxelles / BNU, exhibition space in a public library, Strasbourg / CRACKI RECORDS, music label based in Paris / CAPRICCI FILMS, EASY TIGER, french film production companies / ECRAN VOISIN, cinema in Paris /...

She teaches design history and also launches a workshop around podcast production at Intuit Lab design school (Aix en Provence, 2019). She teached fashion history and pop culture at ESDAC design school (Marseille, 2018), and teached graphic design at Lycee de Sevres (2013).

Jury for Master of publishing design (Intuit Lab, june 2019)

She graduated from ESAIG Ecole Estienne in 2011, and graduated Paris Pantheon Sorbonne with a master of design in 2012. She entered Ecole Normale Superieure, design department in 2009 and holds an agregation in applied arts since 2013.


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2019 ︎ Studio Elementaires ︎ ︎ website redesign, with Thomas Billaud & Benjamin Allenbach

(in progress) ︎ Maison Bouchee double ︎ website redesign, with Yann Bougaret

(in progress) ︎ i.coworking ︎ identity / website redesign, with Yann Bougaret

(in progress) ︎ Arché architects ︎ website redesign, with Yann Bougaret

2017 ︎ Ecran Voisin cinema ︎ identity

2017 ︎ Ecran Voisin cinema ︎ ︎ website creation (desktop only), with Yann Bougaret

2017 ︎ BNU de Strasbourg ︎ booklet for Neogothique ! exhibition

2017 ︎ BNU de Strasbourg ︎ signage and scenography with architect Celine Daub

2017 ︎ Cracki Records ︎ Folamour, Club Degli Esploratori ︎ album cover design

2017-2019 ︎ Easy Tiger Prod. ︎ designing fake things for cinema

2015 ︎ personal project︎ mixmedia images serial